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… nature

 Nature Lovers get their expenses reimbursed  by numerous lakes, vast forests, mysterious moors, broad acres and lush meadows. The perfect surrounding to relax and revive within the peaceful tranquility of nature or to go on an expedition of Flora and Fauna.


Naturpark Nossentiner / Schwinzer Heide
The largest part of our Region lies within the nature reserve Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide, home of varies endangered animals and plants. If during your walk, cycling tour or horse ride you explore and observe carefully, you may happen to hear the call of the bittern and see the sea-eagle or kingfisher.


   A Special observation platform allows you to watch varies waterbirds and waders  of the nature reserve Langenhägener Seewiesen throughout the year. Especially during August and November each year a natural spectacle repeats itself when thousands of crains settle to sleep in the Seewiesen.









  FischotterWho would like to view the otter has got good chances around the village Finkenwerder. The area between the lake of Goldberg and Wooster lake is one of the most important areas of interaction and reproduction of the otter within the nature park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide.

         Rothirsch        In September, if you listen carefully, you can hear the roaring of the red deer during their rut. The viewing platform "Rothirsch" near Sandhof allows you to hear and spot a lot of other habitants of the forest, too.




You can also discover rae plants in our Region. They are gwoing in several places such as the Paddock of paradise between Dobbertin and Dobbin where you can find varies kinds of orchids and junipers. 

WacholderIn the  „Welziner Moor“,a low-moor bog near Mestlin, typical moor fauna and Flora can be found.




Those who also like to be Close to nature during night are welcome to stay at one out of our three campsites, located next to lakes.Karower Meiler
You would like to learn more about the nature of our Region? We recommend a visit of the „Karower Meiler“, culture and Information centre  of the nature parks. There are changing exibitions to be seen, exciting excursion to be joined or you can have a look into a real eyrie.





Museum The Museum fo Nature Goldberg hosts an unique collection of natural history, including topics such as geology and zoology. Next to the local wildlife, the exhibitions also shows international collections of mulluscs, fish and corals. Addionally you can learn about historical culture and art.


(Currently closeddDue to refurbishment )



Secret tip: Explore the most beautiful and curious Mildenitzdurchbruchstal and enjoy the silence of nature.